Crozer Health Named Delaware County’s 2020 Company Of The Year By Chamber

Crozer Health Named Delaware County’s 2020 Company Of The Year By Chamber
November 8, 2020

In recognition of its commitment to the health and safety of the community during the pandemic, Crozer Health was named 2020 Company of the Year by the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce in Pennsylvania.

“For decades, Crozer Health has been a long-standing pillar in Delaware County, but recently they have given a new meaning to what ‘community pillar’ means,” said Chamber    of Commerce President Trish McFarland. “Over the past year, Crozer Health has renewed its commitment to the county and we are proud to recognize the organization and its employees for the leadership role they have taken to ensure our community is healthy, safe and has access to high-quality care during these unsettling times.”

Criteria for choosing the winner are community leadership, demonstration of creativity and initiative, service to the improvement of quality of life, and participation in service organizations and initiatives.

“I’m accepting this award on behalf of a community that has put a tremendous amount of trust in us, and on behalf of every Crozer Health colleague who had a role in testing, treating and recovering COVID patients who came to us for care,” said Crozer Health CEO Peter Adamo. “At no time since March when we tested and treated Pennsylvania’s first COVID-19 patient, have we ever hesitated to embrace our role as front-line care providers.”